TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

Week #2, October 1 - 3, 2013

Field Studies - Learn About the Beach

Students from Eola Charter School and a few home schooled students participated in Learn About the Beach while students in the classes they were working with in other field studies participated in Need a Friend. As Need a Friend helps a group of people learn to work together and these 2 small group of students would not be working with the class they were rotating through field studies with it made sense to have them take a period to learn about the beach . . . to find what kind of litter is most prevalant on our beaches and discuss why that is, to discuss tides and how to read a tide table, to review how important it is to always keep an eye on the ocean and to NEVER get on a log to escape an incoming tide.

We should have all been so fortunate to have had time to walk on the beach!

Thank you Cowboy and Calamity for leading 2 groups in Learn About the Beach!








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