TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

September 26 - 30, 2011

Recreation - Twiddle Dee Dum

What in the world is Twiddle Dee Dum? Well, for years all of the students who were participating in the recreation area of archery on any given day had to sit for a long time while they each awaited his or her turn to shoot arrows. Now we have two other activities that students participate in during 40 minutes of the archery period so that the waiting isn't so boring.

Twiddle Dee Dum (so named because it's better than just twiddling fingers while sitting and waiting to shoot arrows) is simply several semi-active games that make the waiting fun. Twiddle Dee Dum lasts for only 20 minutes, and then the students in this activity rotate to Twiddle Dee Dee, knot tying!



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