Moses' Collection of Quotations


A prayer -"To you before the close of day, 
Creator of all things, we pray 
that, in your saving constancy, 
our guard and keeper you would be. 

Save us from troubled, restless sleep; 
from all ill dreams your children keep. 
So calm our minds that fears may cease 
and rested bodies wake in peace. 

A healthy life we ask of you: 
the fire of love in us renew, 
and when the dawn new light will bring, 
your praise and glory we shall sing. 

Almighty Father, hear our cry 
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, most high, 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
forever and for evermore. 

From the hymn To You Before the Close of Day by John Mason Neale and James Waring McCrady (stanza 4)

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