TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

Fall 2007!

Session #1, September 24 - 28, 2007(September 22 - 28 for counselors)

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Beach Play
Bob the Builders
Cabin Groups - Miscellaneous Photos
Cabin Groups, Day 1

Cabin Groups (More photos!), Day 1
Closing Ceremony and Leaving Camp
Counselor Training
Dining Hall
Field Study - Animals, Who Needs 'Em?
Field Study - Forest Communities
Field Study - Learn About the Beach
Field Study - Need a Friend
Field Study - Survival
Field Study - Think About the Water
Field Study - Welcome to My World
Flag Ceremony
Formal Dinner
Here They Come!
Miscellaneous Photos
Moving In
Opening Assembly
Recreation - Archery
Recreation - Boating
Recreation - Games
Recreation - Olympics
Scenic Photos
Theater Night

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