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Fall 2010!

Session #2, October 4 - 8, 2010 October 2 - 8 for counselors)

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Also, read the closing comments by the sixth graders made on the last day of camp!

Counselor Training
Monday, Before the Students Arrived

Here They Come!

Opening Assembly

Cabin Groups, Day #1, pose #1
Cabin Groups, Day #1, pose #2

Beach Play After the Picnic
(29 photos added 11/18)
Camp Grandparents, a Few Photos
Closing Ceremony and Leaving Camp
Dining Hall

Field Study - Animals, Who Needs 'Em?
Field Study - Erosion Explosion
Field Study - Forest Communities
Field Study - Need a Friend
Field Study - Survival
Field Study - Welcome to My World!

Flag Ceremony
Formal Dinner
Fort Clatsop Large Group Assembly
Kitchen and the Cooks
Miscellaneous Photos
Raichu's Humorous Photos
Things Raichu Notices With His Camera That Many of the Rest of Us Don't

Recreation - Archery
Recreation - Archery . . . Twiddle Dee Dee
Recreation - Archery . . . Twiddle Dee Dum
Recreation - Boating
Recreation - Games
Recreation - Olympics

Silent Walk & Barge Ceremony
Scenic Photos including the ocean, trees, buildings in camp, close up photos etc.
Ladies' Theater Night
Men's Theater Night

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