America, America,
How can I tell you how I feel?
You have given me many treasures.
I love you so.

The following verses are sung to the same tune as "America":

Lady, weave your circle tight,
Spin the web of glowing light;
Earth and air and fire and water
Bind us to thee.

Building bridges among our lives
If I reach out to you will you reach out to me
With all of our voices and all of our visions
Friends we can make such sweet harmony

Rose, rose, rose, rose,
When shall we meet again?
When the nights are cold and lonely,
We shall meet again.

Peace, peace, peace, peace
Wars will come and wars will cease
We must learn to live together
Peace, peace, peace

Peace, peace, peace, peace
Shall I ever see thee come
I will wait forever and ever
Peace, peace, peace

What an awesome thing,
if the children of the world,
could dwell together,
in peace, in peace.

Love, love, love, love
Love is the password of the world
Love thy neighbor as yourself
Love, love, love

Child, child, child, child
Will I live to see you grow?
I will fight for your future
I love you so. I love you so.

Trees, trees, trees, trees
When I sleep I dream of trees
Alder, Maple, Spruce and Fir
See how they grow

Up poor bird , Take thy flight
Out into the darkness, Of this cold night
A small bird, Flying high.
Above the shadows of this dark night

Fly bird fly bird
high above the nearby hills
spread my hopes, my laughs, my dreams
throughout this land.

Hey, ho, nobody's home
Meat nor drink nor money have I none
Still I will be very, very merry
Hey, ho, nobody's home.

My clothes are very dirty,
my shoes are very thin
I have a little pocket
to put a nickel in
If you haven't got a nickel
a penny will do
if you haven't got a penny
then God bless you!

Thirty days has November,
April, June and September;
Of twenty-eight there is but one,
And all the remnant have thirty-one

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