I u-lu-lused to pla-lay-lay my ol-lo-old banjo-lo-lo,
But my ol-lo-old banjo-lo-lo was bro-loken
I too-loo-look it to-loo-loo the banjo-lo-lo sho-la-lop
But the banjo-lo-lo sho-la-lop was clo-lo-losed
I too-loo-look it to an-other-ler-ler sho-la-lop
And the other-ler-ler sho-la-lop was o-lo-pen
The per-ler-son fix-li-lixed my-ly-ly banjo-lo-lo
And now-low-low it's as good-lood--lood as new-lew-lew.

(These are the words without the "lll" sounds just so you know what you are saying:
I used to play my old banjo
But my old banjo was broken
I took it to the banjo shop
But the banjo shop was closed
I took it to another shop,
And the other shop was open.
The person fixed my banjo
And now it's as good as new.)

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