Boom Chick a Boom

(This is a repeat after me song. The leader sings a line, and the group answers with an echo continuing the entire song in that manner. Slap hands on legs on "Boom." Clap hands together on "Chick a." Continue clapping throughout the whole song. Fill in the blank with different styles such as louder, softer, higher, lower, janitor style, faster, slower, Opera style, Elvis style, Taco Bell style, underwater etc. Then act out the style you chose as you repeat the song.)

I said a Boom Chick a Boom.
I said a Boom Chick a Boom.
I said a Boom Chick a Rock a Chick a Rock a Chick a Boom.
Uh huh
Oh yeah,
One more time!
A little bit ____________.

Janitor Style
I said a Broom Sweep-a Mop-a Sweep-a Mop-a Sweep-a Broom

Baseball Style
I said a boom chicka rocka hit that baseball to the moon.

Barnyard Style
I said a moo chicka watch your step, don't track it in the room.

Race Car Style
I said a vroom shifta grind-a shifta grind-a shifta vroom.

Astronaut Style
I said a moon blast-me shoot-me blast-me shoot-me-to-the-moon.

Flower Style
I said a bloom chicka blossom smell those flowers chicka bloom

Parent Style
I said a boom GO TO YOUR ROOM and don't come out 'til next June!

Cheerleader Style
I said a Boom Go-Fight-Win Go-Fight-Win Go-Fight-Boom

McDonalds Style
I said a Big Mac and Fries, and don't forget to Super Size.

Photographer Style
I said a zoom clicka Smile, clicka Say Cheese, clicka zoom.

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