Here We Are

Here we are in a new place, learnin' things we did not know,
Talkin' about nature and seein' how things grow.
Time quickly passes, and the hours fade away.
It's the dawning of a memory, an Outdoor School day.

Growin' close together, visitin' every day,
Singin' at campfire and actin' in some plays,
Hikin' on up Right Path and walkin' down Memory Lane,
It's the dawning of a memory, an Outdoor School Day.

(Note from Moses -

Many years ago, Mary Maffin, a sixth grader at East School in my sixth grade homeroom, taught the first verse of this song at Outdoor School. We've sung the song ever since! Mary had a wonderful voice . . . I'm not sure I've done the song justice. A number of years ago it just seemed as though it needed a second verse, so I came up with the words for it.)

[Hey Mary Maffin Morrison! Thank you so much for contacting me in the summer of 2012. I can see you smiling and hear your sweet voice through all of these years!]

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