Iggle Wiggle Song
by Bluey 2003

Can you iggle? (Wiggle pointer finger.)
Can you wiggle? (Wiggle.)
Can you . . . jump back and giggle? (Jump back, cover mouth with hand, and giggle.)
Can you hut? (Pretend to be in a football line-up.)
Can you strut? (Strut.)
Can you . . . do the bum? (Turn around and wiggle bottom.)

Can you smile? (Draw a smile on your face.)
Can you frown? (Draw a sad smile on your face.)
Can you . . . get down like Charlie Brown? (Wiggle.)
Can you nerf? (Pretend to throw a football.)
Can you surf? (Pretend to surf.)
Can you . . . do the Smurf? (Get on knees, wave hands, and sing "La, la, la, la, la, la, la . . . la, la, la, la, la.)

(Note from Moses -

Thank you Princess for emailing me the words to this song. Bluey, did you really make up this song?)

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