It Ain't Gonna' Rain No More
Some words and the music by Wendell Hall c 1923

It ain't gonna' rain no more, no more,
It ain't gonna' rain no more.
How in the heck can you wash your neck,
When it ain't gonna' rain no more?

Mary had a little lamb
The doctor was surprised,
But when Old MacDonald had a farm,
I thought the Doc would die.

Little Peter was a rabbit,
Little Peter is no more,
What he thought was a rabbit hole,
Was a hole in the OWARII floor!

Oh, Mosquito he fly high,
Mosquito he fly low,
If old man 'Skeeta light on me,
He ain't gonna' fly no more!

A peanut sat on the railroad track
It's heart was all a-flutter
Along came the 4:15
Toot toot, peanut butter

My father built a chimney
He built it up so high
He had to take it down each night
To let the moon go by.

Mary had a little lamb
She kept it in a closet
And every time she took it out
It left a small deposit

We had a goat down on our farm
It ate up old tin cans
When those little goats were born
They came in Ford sedans

The chamber maid came to my bed
Get up you lazy sinner

We need the sheets for table cloths
And it's almost time for dinner

I woke up in the morning
I looked upon the wall
The bedbugs and the beetles
Were having a game of ball.
The score was six to nothing
The bedbugs were ahead
A beetle hit a homer
And knocked me out of bed!

A little black and white animal out in the woods.
I say isn't that little cat pretty, uh huh.
I went right over to pick it up,
but it wasn’t that kind of a kitty.

A golf ball sailing through the air
Went by a man a humming.
He heard the caddy holler, 'fore',
And thought three more were comin'.

On mules, we find two legs behind
And two we find before.
We stand behind before we find
What the two behind be for.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood,
If you put a saw in his tiny paw
A ton of wood he could.

Oh the night was dark and stormy,
And the ole goat was half blind.
Backed up to the barbed wire fence,
And scratched his never you mind.

My father's name was Ferdinand,
My mother's was Eliza.
They put their names together
And called me Ferdaliza.

(Note from Moses -

Big Bill first sang several verses of this song in camp many years ago. We've written many of our own verses for certain years that aren't included here. It's easy to quickly add a verse that fits something pertaining to the current year of camp.)

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