It's Okay, Rose Would Say

That's okay! Rose would say,
Don't you worry none.
We'll have good times by and by,
Next fall when the work's all done.

(Note from Moses -
The original song, "Rose," was written and sung by Glenn Yarbrough. I'm including the words here with the chorus written above.
Everything except the chorus is spoken. The chorus is sung.

I married Rose in '21
We got a little farm
First year out the barn burned down
And I broke my good right arm
From then on in - things got bad
I guess they coulda been worse
But seein' Rose in rags all day
Just made me wanta curse.

I watched her hands grow rough and red
from pickin' in the fields
And putting up in Mason jars
what little crops they'd yield.
I'd find what jobs there were in town.
Most times there were none,
But Rose'd still have supper a-waitin'
at night when the day was done.

Our first born had a face like Rose
And I guess a temper like mine.
She'd sleep all day and cry all night
But she grew up and married fine.
Our only son went off to fight in nineteen and forty-four
A year went by and a telegram said he ain't comin' home no more.

One winter night in fifty-nine, Rose took a terrible chill.
She went to sleep and didn't wake up.
I guess she's sleeping still.
But sometimes when the wind is singing
high up in the chinaberry tree,
It seems it's not the wind at all
but Rose a-singing to me.
-Chorus X3

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