TCODS - Outdoor School Songs
(Updated Monday, October 22, 2012 )
A Ram Sam Sam
After Morning Rain
Angels Watching Over Me
Arms Up, Chicka Boom
As Long as the Grass Shall Grow
Bill Grogan's Goat
Black Socks
Boom Chick a Boom
Buddies and Pals
Buffalo Song
Cardiac Highway
Chairs to Mend
Crazy Herman
Doodle-ee Do
Down By the Banks
Down By the Bay
Every Morning
Fried Ham
Friends of the Family
Funky Chicken
Ging Gang Gooli
Good Morning Song
Grand Old Duke of York
Happy Birthday
Here We Are
Hey Dum Diddley Dum
Hokey Pokey
How Do You Feel?
Humpty Dump
I Want to Eat Eight Apples and Bananas
If You Love Me
If You're Happy
Iggle Wiggle Song
I'm a Little Pile of Tin
I'm Wild About Horns
In a Cabin in the Wood
It Ain't Gonna' Rain No More
It's Okay, Rose Would Say
John Crushnavar
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Little Green Frog
Little Peter Rabbit
Little Red Caboose
Magic Penny
Make New Friends

Mandolin Man
Moose Song
Music Maker
My Aunt Came Back
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
My Hand On Myself
Noble Captain Kirk
Oh the Horse Put His Foot on the Ground
Order of the Fork
Oregon Love Song
Outdoor School
Over the Rainbow
Peace Like a River
Peanut Butter
Penquin Song
Ping Pong
Pizza Hut
Roo Cha Cha
Rough the Tragic Wagon
Second Story Window
Sheep Shearing Time
Singin' in the Rain
Six Little Ducks
Spider's Web
Tale of a Bear
Tarzan of the Apes
Three Bears
Three Chartreuse Buzzards
Three Little Fishes
Watching the River Run
Welcome Song
We're Glad You're Here in Camp!
What a Wonderful World
Where Are You Going With the Rain
Yogi Bear
You Are My Sunshine
Zip a Dee Do Dah
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