Music Maker

Leader - I am a music maker; I come from far away.

Response - You are a music maker; you come from far away.

Leader - I can play.

Response - You can play.

Leader - On my viola.

Response - On your viola.

Vi-o-vi-o-vi-o-la. Vi-o-vi-o-la.

(Continue the entire song in the same manner. The next instrument is the piano. The last line of the piano is "Plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk, plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk, HEY!" This is the only instrument in which "HEY!" is shouted at the end. Ask participants to raise hands at the end of each verse with an instrument suggested. Any instrument can be done. Also, as "Vi-o-vi-o-vi-o-la. Vi-o-vi-o-la," "Plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk, plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk-plunk, HEY!," and the other instruments are played, act out playing them.)

(Note from Moses -

I believe I first heard this song at an Outdoor School in the early 70s at Camp Yamhill in Washington County when I attended with sixth graders with Banks Elementary.)

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