Oregon Love Song, by Don Eaton

It's just another love song for Oregon,
You've probably heard all the words before.
Still I just had to write my song for Oregon
'Cause no one else could love her anymore.

Chorus - Yes, I know that she has many lovers
And I'm sure their love is just as true as mine.
'Cause there's no better place to love than Oregon,
And no better space for finding peace of mind.

Now it wouldn't be a love song for Oregon
Without a watercolor painting of the rain,
And living in the green peace of Oregon,
Is like living in the garden once again.


(Note from Moses -

I heard this song at an Outdoor School conference in the late 70s or early 80s. Don Eaton, the author of the song, sang it at an impromptu gathering. I loved the song! I went back to the school I was teaching sixth grade in and taught it to my sixth graders. Our music teacher, Noreen Flynn, heard the song, wrote music for it, and taught it to the rest of the school.

At the time I was coordinating Artists in Schools for our school. We would have about four artists a year spend a week or more in our building working with the students. Don Eaton was on the list of artists we could invite to our school. I made arrangements for him to spend a week or two in our building, and as a surprise, all of the students practiced singing this song.

During his week at school, the students sang to him. He was more than surprised because although the words were his . . . I had invented an entirely new tune! Oy Vay! Well, sorry Don! You have a wonderful song, but my tune is stuck in my head. And now, many years later, thousands of students have learned the Oregon Love Song written by Don Eaton sung to a tune that Moses dreamt up!)

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