by Bill Staines

I was born in the path of the winter wind,
And raised where the mountains are old.
The springtime waters came dancing down,
I remember the tales they told.

River, take me along,
in your sunshine, sing me your song.
Ever noving and winding and free,
You rolling old river,
You changing old river,
Lets you and me, river, run down to the sea.

I've heard all the songs that the children sing,
And listened to love's melodies;
I've felt my own music within me rise
Like the wind in the autumn trees.


So here's to the rainbow that followed me here,
And here's to the friends that I know,
And here's to the song that's within me now;
I sing it wherever I go.


(Note from Moses -

I like the sounds of the notes of this song especially during the quieter time of the campfire when the lights are low and the campfire is the main light.)

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