Watching the River Run
by Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina

If you've been thinking you're all that you've got,
Then don't feel alone anymore,
Cause when we're together, then you've got a lot,
For I am the river, and you are the shore.

And it goes on and on,
watching the river run,
Further and further from things that we've done,
Leaving them one by one.

And we have just begun watching the river run;
List'ning and learning and yearning;
run, river, run.

Winding and turning and dancing along,
We passed by the old willow tree,
Where friends embrace as we sing them our song,
Rejoicing together as we greet the sea.

Repeat the Chorus twice.

(Note from Moses -

There just didn't seem to be time this year (2003) to sing this great song. It's usually done during the quieter time of campfire.)

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