TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

Staff Skits

Most of these skits were found on the internet and have been rewritten to better fit into a general camp setting. Moses

Balloon Orchestra
Big Rig
Brutal Miner
Bubble Gum Bubbles
Bumble Bee
Chair Wrestling
Christmas With the RIGHT Family
Climb That!
Clumsy Grocery Guy Week
Doctor! Doctor!
Dueling Nostrils
Emergency Broadcast System
Fluff & Jelly
Fred the Trained Flea
Getting Ready in the Morning
Great Swami
Greatest Spitter in the World!
Grecian Fountains
Guess What I’m Doing! (+ Guess What I'm Doing Idea List)
Ice Fishing
If I Were Not a RADD Staff
Invisible Bench
The Lightbulb
Marriage of the Princess
Meat for Sale
Mechanical Cowboy
Moses & the Outhouse
Musical Genius
Old YO! Staff
Olive the Other Reindeer
Professor’s Address
Raisins in Cereal
Reggie and the Colonel
Sally Ann Ratchet
Three Rivers
Water Vending Machine
Wide Mouthed Frog

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