TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

Counselor & Staff Names for 1986, Week #1

Counselors: Staff:
Camp Name Real Name Camp Name Real Name
Opus Andrea McFarland Nanny Lori Payne
Snuggles Val Anderson Cookie Monster Andi McReynolds
Buckweat David Smith Patches Lucylle McLain
Changeling Dave Ferber Moses Dean Bones
Helix Shane Coombs Boo Boo Cathie Fetzer
Magic Christy Myers Yogi Bruce Cardin
Shotgun Maris Dickson Smile Delbert Duren
Gidget Jessica Rehnberg Trout John Reaksecker
Gumby Jennifer Cox
Paisley Annie Zak
Stile Lane Sanders
Puny Albert Wilhite
Sis Stephanie Rouse
Boo-Bear Julie Ford
Jazz Jim Wollenweber
Giggles Jenny Plasker
Thumper Tonya Mills
Mugzy Mary Johnstone

East Elementary

Summit Shannon Cunningham Liberty Elementary
Animal Doug Fink South Prairie Elementary

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