TCODS - Tillamook County Outdoor School

Counselor & Staff Names for Week #1, 1991

Counselors: Staff:
Camp Name Real Name Camp Name Real Name
Bubbles Laurie Motsinger Feet Lon Nelson
Crikit Michelle Hurliman Mogy'a Darin Bernards
Sir Benny Somera Doc Ed Sherbaugh
Hey You Zach Zinda Huck Des Kahrs
Joker Mike Makinster Patches Lucylle McLain
Minnie Erin Rouse Granny Brown Granny Brown
Hobart Hosh LaTour Big Bill Bill Hagen
Mugzy April Bishop Tulip Juanita Shafer
Woods Leif Rudduck Dona Doris Sorensen
Honey Bear Holly Shoemaker Peppy Laurie Johnson
Oblio Dustin Demoulin Rosebud Kaili Bones
Sprinkles Julie McNutt Zippy Laurie Bones
Lake Marge Moran Moses Dean Bones
Tricky Shad Cunningham Wildfire and class
Pebbles Lucy Guarcello Wooff and class
Mirror Mirra McLaughlin Puffy and class
Scuttle Suzanne Myers Thunder and class
Toons Delisa Averill Woody and class
Babs Christina Blum Clack and class and Wave
Zeebs Katherine Hawkins Hawk and class
Echo Carrie Reeves Shadow and class
Phyco David Nelson Falcon Frankie Veach
C-Hawk Carl Hadermann
Drifter Kenny Oleman
Spunky Rhonda Schriber
Gizmo Trisha Krum
Reepicheep Tanya Douma
Bumpalump Michelle Mason
Scooter Tim Knight
Spud Ryan Allinger
Jerome Mike Bentley
Sleepy Brad Fink
Merlin Mike Donohow

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